Lana Goes on Safari

Lana Goes on Safari

Lana loves animals. Big ones. Little ones. Everything in-between. Except spiders and snakes. She’s not a fan. To celebrate her birthday and Mother’s day, we took her to “Africa”. Those of you who know Lana, know she loves all things African, including the music and dance. It fascinates her and she feels a kinship to the culture. She’s never been and it’s a life-long dream of hers to go on Safari. Thank goodness going on Safari is just 30 min away at Safari West in Santa Rosa! Here are just a few of the animals Lana enjoyed cozying up to while touring by land or jeep.

In true Lana form, while driving to “Africa” with her hand beaded African cuffs on each wrist, Lana asked me if we will be riding elephants all day. (Because naturally everyone on Safari in Sonoma County should go by elephant, right!?)  I took pause as I remembered how my dad would share all these little Lana-isms with me. This would have been added to his list. She was happy with a thrilling off-road jeep ride instead.

Monkey Business:  “Me and Maurice the Monkey”.  Lana loved Maurice, who is known to grab the hose outside of his cage and hose down guests when bored.  The various birds and the striking colors mesmerized her…

Tips from Lana:

The road to Safari West is full of twists and turns, drive safe and eat some crackers.
Wear comfy walking shoes, bring sunglasses a camera or phone camera and a safari hat!
Go to the bathroom just before you leave for the jeep ride. (It’s long and bumpy out there.)
Don’t forget to bring a non-glass water bottle to keep hydrated and protect your skin — wear your R + F SPF lotion and lip shield! 

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